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Some of the Languages On Our App!


Still aren’t familiar with pidgin ? You dey dull o!

Join Ling and Johnny as they break down the animated and entertaining language that is Nigerian Pidgin. Using interesting podcasts and painting apt scenarios - and covering everything from greetings and introductions to tenses and grammar to expressive mannerisms - they’ll get you speaking like a local in no time!


Hujambo! Welcome to the home of Afrika's most spoken indigenous language. Here you learn how to introduce yourself and reply to simple questions about everyday life. In addition, you learn how to ask questions, the days of the week, and more. You want to start your journey with us, because we bring you closer to Kiswahili language and culture.


Ẹ ǹ lẹ́ o! Experience the Yoruba language on the LingAfriq app and learn its language from the comfort of your home! Learn the culture - how to greet, introduce yourself, verbs and nouns and lots more.


Explore the rich language that is Hausa, with its origin in history and valuable lessons that enhance your knowledge in this beautiful language. Learn how to greet, introduce yourself, ask questions, and more!


This absolute beginner’s tutorial aspires to introduce the Igbo language using fun and exciting combination of colorful graphics, illustrations, animations, text and sound, in a way you will find easy and pleasant to learn. It is also structured in bite-sized series of simple but comprehensive content based on practical real life conversational scenarios including useful phrases, greetings, social life/institutions and mannerisms of the Igbo. This in turn will help you build up vocabulary and improve your understanding of the Igbo language and culture.


SAUBONA! IsiZulu, the language that brings out the beauty of the valiant Zulu people. Explore the history and learn new vocabularies, expressions, and the intricacies of this beautiful and unique language. One thing is assured, we teach you from the ground up, and with our tools such as exercises and quizzes, you practice and retain what you have learnt.

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Language Learning?

Afrikan languages? Yes!

Over 7,000 languages in the world with nearly 2,000 of them are in Afrika, there is so much to explore! Discover Afrika, through any language of your choice.

Difficult? Not with LingAfriq!

LingAfriq is the most comprehensive language learning program in Afrika. We streamline the entire learning process using fun facts, lessons on history and mannerisms. We have over 100 tutorials and 200 exercises that cover Verbs & Conjugation, basic language building blocks, conversations, pronunciation and broad vocabulary.

Learn with what you love

Whether you’re a music, movie, or even a history junkie, our lessons are customized to teach you any language using your favourite hobbies. How cool is that?

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LingAfriq is a language-learning platform for indigeneous Afrikan languages, with an immersive experience in Afrikan history and culture.

We are a constellation of Afrikans from all parts of the world who have a common focus; AFRIKA. We bring Afrika to the fore, reminding ourselves and the world about our greatness. We teach you Afrikan languages. Right from your smartphone, learn like you would from the Natives, and speak like one.

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